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    Fresh’n’Clean™ - Revolutionary Toilet Bowl Deodorizer

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    Fresh’n’Clean™ - Revolutionary Toilet Bowl Deodorizer

    "I really like to keep my bathrooms super clean, toilet especially since it really makes an impression on people who visit. My good friend told me about the Fresh'n'Clean toilet gels and I thought I’d give it a try. They actually smell REALLY good, kind of like a flowery type of scent. I’ve tried the Scrubbing Bubbles ones before and these definitely smell way better since it's a lot less of that bleach scent. That alone makes me want to buy more of these since the quality of the scent is very important to me. The flowers themselves came out GREAT. They are very very cute, especially when you add more than one. My friends and family love them and I highly recommend them to everyone!"

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Jessica L.
    Verified Buyer



    Traditional toilet deodorizers are unattractive and disgusting, so it's no surprise that they get thrown into the garbage after being used. They sit in a plastic holder that collects millions of germs and bacteria and eventually requires manual removal. This results in an unsterile and unpleasant way of keeping the toilet clean.

    The new Fresh’n’Clean™ deodorizer is a sterile and pleasant way to keep toilets clean, while also deodorizing and preventing stains from forming. It features an automatic dissolution that requires setting up the gel only once on the toilet bowl, so it prevents the need for manual removal. This makes cleaning the toilet a much more pleasant and convenient experience, improving hygiene and look.



    6 Reasons Why The Fresh’n’Clean™ Deodorizer Will Change Your Life


    Triple Power: The Fresh’n’Clean™ deodorizer features a 3-in-1 solution that cleans, deodorizes, and prevents stains from forming on the toilet bowl. Enjoy hassle-free cleanliness of the toilet, while reducing bad odors and stains at the same time.

    Aromatic Fragrance: The Fresh’n’Clean™ features unique blends of up to 6 scents that fill the toilet with a refreshing breeze! Enjoy the deodorizing power that leaves a freshly scented toilet bowl with every flush.


    Long-Lasting: Each of the Fresh’n’Clean™ stamps lasts up to 14 full days and one single capsule gives 11 stamps in total. This provides enough cleaning power to last up to 2 months on a single capsule, which results in extra money savings.

    Easy to Use: The new release mechanism helps to make the perfect flower by preventing over and under applying. Simply twist the handle and press it on the toilet bowl to set the flower, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    Safe & Germ-Free: The Fresh’n’Clean™ is completely touch-free, meaning that each stamp automatically dissolves within 2 weeks. This ensures that there is no need to touch the gross plastic, preventing the interaction with millions of germs and bacteria.

    Cute Look: Each stamp is made in the shape of flowers and adds extra cuteness to the toilet. This allows unique customization of the deodorizer stamps on the toilet bowl and provides a lot better look and feel.

    At Authentic Decor, we understand how disgusting it is to use unattractive toilet deodorizers that require constant change. Besides, it can be unpleasant to touch the plastic holder that contains millions of germs and bacteria. According to a recent study, the average household changes their toilet deodorizer every 2 to 4 weeks.

    With the Fresh’n’Clean™ deodorizer, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer struggle with unsanitary and unattractive toilet deodorizers. It not only keeps the toilet clean but also deodorizes and prevents stains from forming. Experience a more convenient and pleasant way of keeping your throne immaculate, while reducing the plastic waste and contact with germs and bacteria.



    How to Use:

    1. Push the applicator towards the toilet bowl
    2. Twist the handle to apply the gel
    3. Release and enjoy


    Net content: 48G

    Physical form: gel

    Material: plastic + gel

    Function: Deodorize, clean and prevent stains

    Fragrance selection: lavender, ocean, orange blossom, osmanthus, cherry blossom, lemon


    Our Guarantee

    At Authentic Decor we believe in the quality and results of our products, therefore we offer a 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee! When you purchase from us, there is absolutely ZERO risk for you!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Davonte Spinka
    Great product would use again!

    I put this gel on the inside of my toilet and within seconds I noticed how much nicer the whole bathroom smelled. The smell like flowers have been in my toilet ever since, and when it wears off I add more. Great solution if one has a tendency to...make a mess in the restroom. Highly recommended!

    Preston Parisian
    Useful product, good price

    The product's best aspects were its ease of use, the good smell and the small packaging so that it doesn't use much space. Honestly worth the bank for your buck in how quickly it can clean your toilets for you. The odors from my toilet almost disappeared immediately after flushing it down. Quite the ease in usability and save a lot of hassle.

    Lupe Beatty
    Great Product! You need to try! We love them!!!!

    So cute and really works!!! The stamps look like flowers and they leave the bathroom smelling great for days. I just got them about 4 days ago and I LOVE them. They are just starting to show they are dissolving but they stood up against one bathroom and four ppl so I would say they have won my approval. I will be ordering more once I get low!! I need more colors! The two I have are fun (Blue and Green) but im going to try to get a few more colors to jazz it up lol my kids love them as well. I used them as toilet fresheners.

    Rick Mayert
    Better than Scrubbing Bubbles!

    I tried these really hoping I wasn't going to be disappointed. I normally use the Scrubbing Bubbles stamps, and those are great but not always available and pretty expensive.

    These smell just as strong/clean, and are very visually appealing with the flower shape and different colors.

    As other reviews state, it takes a stamp or two to get used to the twist and click dispenser, but not so much that I felt I was wasting a lot of product. Will buy again.

    Korbin Bartoletti
    Fragrant flowery scent would recommend

    The flowers came out really pretty. It was fast and relatively easy to press onto the inside of the toilet bowl, the first one I pressed turned out like a big mush though(ahaha),and smelled very good and not like bleach or something very irritating to the nose. I could smell the scent from the packaging not being opened. I wouldn’t say that it deep cleans, but its for people who’d like a clean bowl that smells nice without scrubbing it every 3-4 days/ is busy with other things and the last thing on their mind is cleaning the toilet. Would buy again.

    Our Happy Customer Testimonials

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